Five Star Professional

We are pleased to report that for the third year, Alfred McIntosh has been named a 2013 Five Star Wealth Manager for Greater Los Angeles.  This is a level of excellence achieved by fewer than seven percent of the wealth managers in our area.

This selection is the result of a rigorous research process that included a regulatory and consumer complaint review, and an evaluation of objective criteria associated with wealth managers who provide quality services to their clients. In the end, Mr. McIntosh is being recognized by the largest and most widely published wealth manager award program in North America.

As a 2013 Five Star Wealth Manager, Alfred McIntosh is receiving an honor that reflects his hard work and dedication. His name, and McIntosh Capital Advisors, Inc., will appear in a special advertising section in the February issue of Los Angeles Magazine and on the Five Star Professional web site.

As evidenced above, the first step in developing a productive, personalized financial plan suited to your needs and goals is choosing a proven financial planner who’s right for you. It is important to feel comfortable and compatible with your planner and to have a relationship based on trust. We’ve developed this website so that you can learn a little bit about our philosophy, and see if we’re the right fit for you.

McIntosh Capital Advisors, Inc. is a fee-only, Registered Investment Advisory Firm committed to helping you achieve the goals that will provide you the greatest long-term satisfaction. Your success is our success, and as a fee-only firm, our only loyalty is to you. We provide customized financial planning, investment advice, and portfolio management services tailored to meet your individual needs.

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