Comprehensive Financial Planning

At McIntosh Capital Advisors, Inc. we work with you to explore and develop your dreams and aspirations. In doing so, we understand the complete scope of your goals. One of our key services is a Comprehensive Financial Plan which assures that all facets of your financial situation are considered before we make specific recommendations. We also offer modular planning services customized to your particular needs and goals. For more information, please review our service platforms.

Our financial services include:
  • Custom Financial Planning
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Management
  • Tax Analysis
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance Assessment
  • College Planning
  • Retirement Goals and Planning
  • Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Investment Strategies
  • Portfolio Management

Account services are generally provided by TD Ameritrade Institutional, an independent and unaffiliated brokerage firm. TD Ameritrade, Inc. is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, National Association of Securities Dealers and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

We Can Help You Master Your Money

Anyone who has taken a thorough look at the major areas of his or her financial life, (such as insurance, tax management, estate planning, and capital accumulation),needs to carefully plan in order to ensure that all of the pieces are working together to produce the most favorable results. Our Firm can help you reach those results with an in-depth evaluation of your financial profile. This includes an assessment of every aspect of your financial life and provides you with detailed, interactive recommendations.