Dreams and goals are essential to experiencing a fulfilling and purposeful life! But without a sound financial plan -- a set of thoughtful and deliberate actions -- it’s difficult to realize our dreams. Oftentimes people don’t plan to fail, but instead, fail to plan! Given that it’s your life, you might as well live it to the fullest every day.

Like an itinerary for a well-planned vacation, an action plan in the financial services world serves the same purpose. We’ll figure out where we want to go in life and what we want to do along the way. We’ll plan out how and how we’ll get there by carefully reviewing your investments, your retirement objectives, your wealth preservation tactics, cash flow & net worth, education savings, and your legacy wishes. If you find yourself overwhelmed with your finances, we want you to know we’ve been there too. It can be really hard to dream when the state of our financial house is keeping us up at night! If you haven’t been dreaming about what you really want in life lately, then we want to help you get back to dreaming and working towards the things in life that truly bring you joy and happiness. 

The following are examples of financial planning services we provide and their costs. The programs described below do not represent formal quotes or contractual agreements.

Comprehensive Financial Planning 

When you engage us to create a comprehensive financial plan, you agree to partner with us so that together we can discover your goals and create a road map to reaching them.  We model all aspects of your financial life, including cash management & budgeting (to reach specific goals), insurance, investments (advice and/or portfolio management), education funding, (if required), tax analysis, retirement analysis, and estate planning.  All the pieces of your financial picture need to work together optimally in order to make progress toward your goals -- the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  We create different scenarios or “what if” situations so that you can create choices that will enable you to enjoy your dreams.

Average comprehensive plan fees are usually from $2,600 – $5,000 but will vary by circumstance and the complexity of your situation.  Our hourly rate is $245 per hour.

Modular Financial Planning

When there is a desire to analyze one or just some of the elements of a comprehensive plan, we offer modular planning.  Common modular plans include:

Asset allocation and Investment Analysis – You are comfortable managing your own investments, but you seek advice about how to diversify your investment dollars; you would like specific investment recommendations with expectations of solid long term returns; perhaps you have a 401(k) and are unsure how to get started, or you need help determining just how much risk (market volatility) you really can put up with

Retirement Planning – Unlike a comprehensive plan, a retirement plan examines just cash management & budgeting along with your investment’s rate of return.  We use this information to identify the cash flows necessary to support you in the lifestyle you desire.

Real Estate Planning – More and more people are turning to rental real estate as a source of income and wealth creation.  A real estate plan evaluates all the relevant variables:  Mortgage data; vacancy rates; maintenance costs; capital improvements; depreciation; property management costs; insurance; property taxes as well as the opportunity costs created by tying up money in a non-liquid asset.

Average plan fees are usually from $1,000 – $3,000 but will vary by circumstance and the complexity of your situation.  Our hourly rate is $245 per hour.

Project Specific Planning

Perhaps you need help determining how much insurance to purchase and what type to buy.  Maybe you need help choosing and funding a 529 plan for your children’s college expenses.  Or perhaps you want help planning the best way to pass assets on to your heirs.  These are all examples of planning to address a specific, limited need.

Plans are based on our hourly rate of $245 per hour.

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