Our process is simple; transparency at all times, with all people. When it comes to transparency in compensation for advisors, the financial services industry doesn’t bode well. 
That’s why we want you to know exactly what it means to be working with a fee-only advisory like McIntosh Capital Advisors:

  • Commission-Only - Advisors earn their income by selling financial products such as insurance or mutual funds, or may also earn a fee for trades that they execute. IN some cases, advisors are motivated to sell products and services that benefit themselves, not you.
  • Fee-Based - Advisors earn their income using a combination of fees and commissions. Working with an advisor in a fee-based relationship isn't inherently undesirable. It's simply important to know how your advisor earns their commissions before you begin working with them.  
  • Fee-Only Advisors  - Earn income by charging fees. Some common methods include an hourly rate, an annual or retainer fee, or a percentage of investments under management. Advisors who work solely for service fees are incentivized only by the needs of their clientele, like you

It may seem like semantics to you, but we believe it is very important to know what you are paying and how. Some advisors may not tell you what fees you are paying unless you ask. Be sure to find out about the fees, sales charges, loads, commissions, or any other costs you may incur upfront. 


As your trusted advisory council, we take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously.

In fact, it’s the foundation of our business and at the core of every decision we make. To that end, we think you should know what you can expect from McIntosh Capital Advisors.

ADVOCACY – Put simply, we are here for you. We are in your corner, and we are ready to take on the world with you. We believe in you, the dreams you have set out for yourself, and that achieving those dreams is entirely within your reach.

CLARITY – We take the complexities of the financial services industry and explain them in such a way that it is easy for our clients to understand. There’s no magic to our work, but it takes experience and a certain depth of knowledge to layout strategies in an easy-to-follow format. It’s vitally important that we do this because the plan we develop is yours, not ours. Expect us to gain clarity about both your goals and the means to get you there.

ACTIVE LISTENING – We love listening to you and hearing your story. It’s important to us that we deeply understand your hopes and dreams. It’s our job to turn your goals and objectives into a plan that helps you achieve them.

APPROACHABILITY – We’re a lot alike. The only difference is that we chose a career in financial services because we enjoy it. Hopefully, you do what you do because you enjoy it too. We have families, assets (and debts), ambitions, and passions just the same as you. Talk to us about what you want out of life. We want to hear your stories, and we’re happy to share ours too.

COMMITMENT – We are committed to forging long-term relationships with our clients. We are committed to being accountable. We are committed to aligning ourselves with your best interests. We are committed to providing objective, strategic, and thoughtful advice that propels you towards your life’s short and long-term goals.

INTEGRITY – Professionalism, and integrity are paramount to our core mission. When engaging in professional arrangements with clients, it’s vital that the foundation of our relationship be based on mutual trust and respect.

CONVENIENCE – Whether it’s planning for your legacy, transitioning into another life stage, or determining your optimal road to retirement, you must feel complete confidence that we can help you accomplish your goals. The market is variable, and risks are inherent. But as a client of McIntosh Capital Advisors, you’ll be treated like family. As an independent firm, our focus is not on the number of accounts we can open, but on the quality of the experience, each client receives.

EDUCATION – It brings us joy to help you make informed decisions with conviction. We love it when you can take ownership of your plan alongside us as we move forward in your financial plan. We will always take the time to explain in plain language the options available to you.

TRUSTED ADVISORS – You will hear our words and ideas, not those of our assistants or junior advisors (we don’t have any). We recognize that the discussions we hold with you often represent the most consequential conversations that you will ever have with anyone.

DATA-DRIVEN ADVICE – You are entitled to a detailed, well-researched, and finely calibrated financial plan that suits your lifestyle.

TRANSPARENCY – You are entitled to steadfast guidance in the face of adversity. That means that if there is a difficult conversation to be had, we won’t beat around the bush. Expect to be in-the-know and up to date on what is happening throughout your financial planning journey.

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